Danger Zone NEH - 1st place Summer 2015 GNK - Warren, MI

MKcrimson 29

Undefeated against Whizzard, Noise and Quetzal. Based @Calimsha with the Archer suggestion. Breaking News xx resource trash won two games.

3 Aug 2015 MKcrimson

Possible changes:

-1 Closed Accounts

+1 Restructure OR +1 Fast Track

Closed Accounts never really got used so it's mostly there for theory blowouts with Breaking News (never-advance on a SanSan City Grid, trash econ resource + Closed Account; alternatively use as a trickshot against Kate when she has most of her events in the bin) or against Tag-Me builds (which I see zero of ever). Fast Track would speed me up and Restructure is extra econ that's more Anarch-resistant.

-1 Ichi 1.0

-2 influence somewhere

+1 Biotic Labor

Being able to Fast Track Biotic is super great. Unfortunately Biotic needed to be used to get the first AstroScript Pilot Program scored a lot, and then I had to Jackson the Biotic back if I wanted to use it and hope I drew it later (don't always have this luxury against Noise).