Anarcho-capitalist utopia (4th at Spanish Nationals)

Juanaco 126

This deck carried me until the 4th position at the Spanish Nationals! Totally unexpected, because it was my first nationals and also because I’m a newbie player.

My main objective is to win really fast against the runner, don't let him construct their rig and score Government Takeover in turn 4-5. The strategy is pretty basic: protect centrals and one remote, score early Hostile Takeover, put Government Takeover, face-up that crazy agenda with Transparency Initiative and give 6 advance tokens to a beautiful Masvingo, Orion, or even a Colossus to protect the remote. In the meantime you can use the rashidas and Wall to Wall to obtain credits, draw cards and put advancement tokens to protect the remote with Cayambe. If everything just goes according to seikaku, you will have a remote with Government Takeover practically impregnable, you only need 1 or 2 turns to score it with Red Planet Couriers.

With attitude adjustment you can return the other agendas to the deck and draw more cards. Finally if the Runner is not aware of it and they’re finally able to get the 6 points agenda, don’t panic! It will probably dry their economy and then you can finish him with a Punitive.

This deck is weird as f%@¡$, I’m aware of it, but despite of the weirdness factor it worked pretty well for me. It gives me some easy wins, and even when I lost, I was very close to winning (my first round against the Champ of the national could have finished by a flatlined punitive but I was short by… 1 CREDIT!!!!) the only real problematic match was against an Apoc-Valencia which I wasn’t able to properly protect the centrals and completely destroy me.

Despite that, all the matches were awesome, tense and fun. I started to play Netrunner when FFG dropped the license so I’m pretty new into the competitive game, but the experience was incredible due to all the friendly people and the outstanding organisation. Thank you guys for your hard work and see you soon… always be running!!

6 Feb 2020 Juanaco

For somewhat reason I can't edit the deck, but the remaining card (49) is Punitive Counterstrike

8 Feb 2020 valerian32

Ah... ahora entiendo lo que quería hacer ese mazo xD