Apex's College Years - 2nd Hudds SC

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Edit: Appears nrdb went weird when editing this with unsaved changes and in fixing it I didnt revert the Diesel and cybertrooper count. The correct numbers should be 2x Diesel, 1x Cybertrooper

I promise you this is a shaper deck, ignore the 12 inf of Apex, and the writhing tentacles coming towards you, there is no eldritch horror here, this is just
a̸̤͓̥̅ ̴̺̓̽H̶̠̪̹̒ầ̶̢̲̟͗͐y̴͇̽l̶̼̖̥̾̂̾̕ͅe̸͙̝͋͛̐̒͜y̵͑͜ ̷͍̪̟̳̓̽̐d̸̺͇̔̅͠e̴̪̤̋͌͘c̴̼̥̳̊k̸̨̰̣̣̎

This deck dropped 1 game all event in round 1 to CTM, where Amani set me back to the stone age by bouncing back Proco on turns 1 and 2.

Anyway it's an aesop's engine backed up by reboot - people don't expect this so archives is rarely defended. And runs are very cheap because of Euler being blinked constantly and pelangi cursing other ice to code gates.

The RDIs put insane pressure on RDI and they came come out of nowhere thanks to artist colony.

In the cut I got tip econ war'd by Gamenet, and casts and aseops triggers had me once again sat on a cool 20 credits.

The heartbeat, means PE can't kill you, gaga should have a hard time grinding you down, puntitive is now a bad card. Being able to tank damage on cards in play that aren't really doing much (or use damage as a way to bin Euler) can really throw grinder decks came plans out.

I really enjoy this deck it's not quite Pirate Hayley but it feels almost as dumb.

Highlight of the event:

Paying a total of 2c to break 2 freshly rezzed F3

Floating 7 tags vs argus and correctly guessing where the agenda was hiding

All the match vs Gamenet, all of it.

My cut games got streamed Here

Thanks to nemo for hosting, and to all my opponents. Was such a fun event, all from the comfort of my own room.

16 Mar 2020 triorph

This deck is great. I had a corp deck with 15 undefeated games ruined on jnet by your testing. Well played.