I’m Pro-Tag, Honest!

Baa Ram Wu 68

Fed up of chasing up Today's News just to find a bunch of False Leads?

Tired of hearing 'Trace 4' whilst Messages are being controlled

Really want to steal that Government Takeover but worried about the oh so likely Punitive measures that will be put in place?.

Well have I got the deck for you

NPE Warning!!

So for everyone that misses the good old days of Liza dominating every tournament she turned up at here's what that deck can do out of anarch.

If you are unaware the combo cards you want to find here are: Dummy Box and Wireless Net Pavilion to protect your stuff Paparazzi to avoid you just being straight up murdered - Also useful against Breached domes and whatever you do - Don't forget to put one down before playing By Any Means!!! (although it was a hilarious way to die!)

You then want to start getting Tags and Money from Rogue Trading and letting Our little fox friend tick up to cover you in delightful little tags!

Finally - See the whole of Hq or do a massive dig into R&D with Counter Surveillance - Against certain matchups it is highly advisable to play By Any Means first! (Obokata jinteki, Spombo and Decks running Bellona if lowish on credits.


DreamNet and Obelus are there for draw and the increased handsize helps a lot.

Most important when it comes to draw is Our Untold Protagonist - the multiple draw from Dreamnet, Hoshiko & Obelus is what gives this deck the momentum it needs to catch rush decks (it will struggle with Palana Rush though!) so run as often as you can to keep the magical unicorn alive!

Stimhacks are to challenge the remotes early or HQ if you think its getting flooded. Also good for trashing Jeeves early on.

Buffer Drive is tech against Net damage decks but also useful for recursion of Key Cards Its also super dirty with Dummy Box recycling the resources the corp is paying 4 credits a go to trash.

EMP Device is cute tech but has come in useful in so many games - a good play against this deck is to pile loads of ice on R&D to make it too pricey to get in with your C.S. runs - This negates that play pretty well.

Other than that - pressure lots early on - make the corp rez - there's very little that can really hurt you - if they land an early HHN before they know whats up all the better (as long as you can find your Combo) so don't worry about going low on credits. Counterplay:

Closed Accounts and Market Forces will hurt a lot, but not so commonly seen currently

The All-Seeing I Hurts a bit but less that the above - just save what you need with dummy box and ship the rest off - also not too common.

Exchange decks the best play usually is to make sure you have enough tags to dig for the win in one go or just try and Mill the whole of R&D into the bin By Any Means Possible

Self-Growth Program - if you suspect it install every Paparazzi you find! there is usually only 1!

Credit to Andre a.k.a. Metropole Grid for the inspiration for this deck!