K2CP Doesn't Exist (Sole MirrorMorph @ 2023-03 AMT)

xiaat 200

This was the only MirrorMorph deck at the first Accelerated Meta Test online event. I've been tinkering with this list for the past couple of months, mostly playing this corp at the local meetups and the online league. It has some very interesting lines, unlike any other deck I played before, and it really teaches you to plan your turn, or even 2-3 turns ahead, as corp.

Funnily enough, I think it felt better in the boat meta, because none of this ICE does anything against a Turbine rig, with FC 3.0 broken for 2 feeling especially bad. The counter to this would be going fast, because if the Runner sets up their rig with appropriate breakers and a Turbine before you MCA out a single 5/3, you tend to lose off centrals as a consequence.

Other than that, it does very well against Apoc despite having very porous ICE and only a single Border Control.

Big Deal was a last minute include as an alternative wincon against Turbine, however you rarely have the credits necessary to play it, so most of the time it's a dead card in your hand.

I'd suggest to cut the Big Deal alongside the Subliminal Messaging. You rarely get more than 1-2 of value per game off of that, and it doesn't help that much with the way you want to combo out the 5/3s. Possible inclusions are 3rd Manegarm and 3rd Warroid, these cards are much more vital in leveraging the click and credit differential between you and the Runner, or a 2nd Sprint for that little bit of consistency.

You might want to check out the VOD at the NSG's Twitch where I play a nail-biter of a game with this deck, the match starts at 02:53:00. In case you're reading this at a later time and the VOD is down (thanks Twitch gods), it could resurface at the NSG's Youtube channel at some point.

Huge thanks to AMT staff for hosting such a great event. Thanks to @Sokka for the decklist I iterated upon. Also thanks to @DoomRat for the older versions of this list.

28 Mar 2023 xou

hate this one wholeheartedly :P

28 Mar 2023 xiaat

@xou thanks for the AMT games :P