Queen's Speech 5

emilyspine 1406

bouncing ice and turntabling agendas like turntabling agendas like

13 Nov 2019 errantmage

Liked for the name, and the list looks good, too! :D

13 Nov 2019 twisty_b

I'd like to thank emilyspine, this decklist, and specifically this gif, for provising the answer to a puzzle that #enigma was stuck on

13 Nov 2019 emilyspine

@twisty_bwait what

13 Nov 2019 twisty_b

the clue was "Bye [blank]"

and we had the letters _ E _ I _ I _

and I knew it looked familiar from somewhere

and then I remembered

13 Nov 2019 emilyspine


12 Dec 2023 mentamas

I love this. Great card! @survivor) io