Direct Access Esa (1st place 2023/05 AMT)

rip netrunner 23

Me playing the decks

I took this and thebigunit3000's sports deck to this last AMT and won. Are they the best decks in the meta? Maybe, maybe not. But they're definitely the best decks to play at 2:30 am after a day of work. Only two of my games on either side went longer than 10 turns, 4 of the games ended by turn 9.

Card Choices

This deck is just CritHitd20's greytongue deck, -1 Deuces Wild -1 Moshing -1 Raindrops Cut Stone -1 Running Hot, +2 Botulus +1 Direct Access +1 Finality. I've been playing it since it was DotW with just the running hot swapped for a finality, I think that is a very good deck.

Finality is one of the best cards in it, since the corp generally needs to focus on icing up HQ to prevent Chastushka (I don't think i've ever lost after getingt 2-3 of these off).

A couple days ago, Chromatically convinced me that Botulus was needed, you can use it to slow down the remote or force the corp to install more ice on HQ.

Direct Access was a last minute pick, because I was worried about PE and other Sports decks. I got to play 1 PE, but I won off of R&D before drawing the direct access. I played it once against an Azmari for a tiny bit of value. I think it would really shine against the big Cold Site Server AgInfusion decks, but (thankfully) I did not play against any of those here.


Round 1 - Swept PE and Aumakua Hoshiko. This deck won by single accessing/Finality'ing R&D and periodically milling. Sports won after an unfortunate aumakua trash by hagen, followed by a botulus being placed on a unrezzed magnet.

Round 2 - Runner Split against Azmari and Reg Hoshiko. This deck won by hitting a bellona on a Finality run and milling a few two pointers, chose to float a tag for a turn early. Lost against hoshiko on a full wake R&D run with a couple of twinning counters, after scoring 6 points.

Round 3 - Corp split vs Azmari and Nexus 419. I should've won the Azmari game here, accessed 2 different Bellonas while on 4 credits and 4 points. By the end of the game I was poor and had to take tags, eventually got BOOM'd, but it was close. Nexus 419 lost to FA after stealing 5 or 6 points from HQ, they couldn't find any multiaccess.

Round 4 - Won a 2-4-1 against Bankhar Hoshiko. Standard FA stuff, I was 1 credit away from double Biotic-Audacity'ing a Food for the win at one point, but ended up just going for 2 pointers.

Finals - Won against Sokka on Bankhar Hoshiko. This was a fast one. I biotic'd a luminal on turn 3 and scored a vitruvious behind a magnet on turn 4. Scored 2 elivagars and a megaprix as I drew them to close it out.

21 May 2023 HaverOfFun

Nice one! Really like the direct access especially after the large showing that AgInfusion had yesterday! Congrats on the result!