Jinteki Thunderbolt

Victor_Joseph 39

Final, final attempt at Thunderbolt. No more. Mavirus is necessary for Knobkierie decks. Swordsman is useful against the ubiquitous turtle and the errant flower. Tatu-Bola for mid-run credits (seriously, whoever figured this out has some talent). Anansi is Alarm Clock tech. Get the money and get to 7 points by turn 15.

14 May 2024 Au_Revoir_Dog

Thoughts on 3x Greasing the Palm with no source of tags?

15 May 2024 Victor_Joseph

Greasing the Palm is basically tech for SebastiĆ£o decks, because the corp can't remove tags otherwise. Practically, however, it becomes a better (if more expensive and less flexible) Red Level Clearance alternative, with the possibility of giving you a free advancement. This is not an FA deck, so it helps that GtP helps install all that costly ICE and help you pay for it.

20 May 2024 Victor_Joseph

@Au_Revoir_Dog Sorry, forgot to tag you...