Purple drank CI – (1st @ Store Champ Linköping, Sweden)

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– Someone, some place, some time – maybe.


First of all, shout out to Snake Eyes for creating the original list. I stole the deck and did some edits to it, and managed to get a Store Champ win. As runner I played Suitcase Andy , which went undefeated the whole day.

The deck did fairly good, and I lost a total of three games during the tournament (two during Swiss, one in Finals). These losses were against deep Medium-digs (trashing Fairchild 3.0 on R&D with Parasite+Şifr and then going to town) and well placed Legworks (my fault that I didn't YOLO Hasty Relocation the turn before to score out).

I played against an DLR Sunny (Win), Leela (Win), Parasite-Sifr-Whizzard (Lose, deep Medium-digs), Temüjin Val (Lose, Sifr+Parasite on R&D into deep Medium-digs), Smoke (Win) and an PT Andy (Lose, two well placed Legworks and as said, missed opportunity with Hasty Relocation the turn before).


What you want to do is go fast – really fast. You want to draw as much as possible as fast as possible, and score one Efficiency Committee as early as possible.


In my starting hand I'm looking for either 2 x Ice and a Violet Level Clearance, or Blue Level Clearance and Violet Level Clearance, which gives a massive draw boost.

From here, draw and Ice up as needed.


The standard-combo starts with at least these pieces in hand:

You can always use Localized Product Line to get the missing combo pieces into hand, as I needed to do at least one game in order to score out.

With the cards above in hand you can do your basic combo:

  1. Use Hasty Relocation, put back two Shipment from SanSan (and if possible one Reclamation Order to get back Shipment from SanSan to your hand, or use Lateral Growth to save one click and therefore go directly to step #3.)
  2. Install Efficiency Committee
  3. Use Accelerated Diagnostics to put four counters on installed agenda, and then Reclamation Order to get back Shipment from SanSan

With an EC scored (and 3 counters on it), you can do a 5 Agenda Point combo, if you have 3 x Shipment from SanSan in hand, or two in hand and one in Archives:

  1. Use Biotic Labor
  2. Use Hasty Relocation. Put back two Shipment from SanSan and one Reclamation Order
  3. Install Efficiency Committee
  4. Use Accelerated Diagnostics, put four counters on EC and take back all Shipment from SanSan (you need to have all three in hand in order to score out GFI)
  5. Take 6 clicks from both of your EC
  6. Install GFI
  7. Use all Shipment from SanSan and score out GFI

It is possible to do an one-turn-7AP-combo with this deck, but you need an godly hand with one Biotic, all AD, all Hasty, all RO, all SFSS, and two EC and one GFI in hand. I have never had the chance to do this – yet – but it is possible.


Sometimes you just need to durdle, or score out four two-pointers, and that's OK! You can always do an standard-combo and installing Project Vitruvius to get an counter on it, which you can use later on for missing combo pieces and such.

Sometimes you're missing a combo piece, for example one Shipment from SanSan, and you can always go YOLO with an Hasty Relocation and hope you find the piece you're missing. In worst case scenario, you can always put back some agendas in R&D (if it's safe) and shuffle them away with Preemptive Action. Works great when Employee Strike is out and you're flooded with agendas.


Biggest threats are early Accounts Siphon-spam, Medium-digs and Employee Strike when you don't have the ability to score an agenda next turn or the ability to play Enhanced Login Protocol.

Recovering from turn 1 Account Siphon-spam is hard, especially if you don't have an GLC or Reuse in hand. Mostly it's scoops from here, especially if you're flooded.

If you've been drained on money, you can combo Reuse together with Preemptive Action to get up to speed again.

Employee Strike is harsh, especially when you're at 17 cards in hand an no way to get rid of the Strike. Your best bet is to either draw into Enhanced Login Protocol, do an Reuse combo or Ice up.

Medium is also a great threat – you want the agendas in hand, where they are the most safe when you have a big hand size.

If the Runner has Clot, try to bait it out so it gets in the Heap, and then use Ark Lockdown to get rid of it. If they're going for Sacrificial Constructs, money up and keep on purging until you can get rid of it.


With more people playing CI, I think there will be a lot more hate against it in the coming meta. This deck is easy enough to learn quick, without getting brain damage playing CI7, and it's doesn't depend on the Runner making a run in order to score out early. The Runner can not play "the waiting game" against this deck, and if they're not fast enough, you will have an easy win.

Any changes I can recommend? Not at the moment, maybe change the Fairchild 2.0 into Macrophage, I've got to do some more play testing with this.

Go out there, have some purple drank, go YOLO and durdle! It's fun.

30 Jan 2017 Krasty

Pretty funny deck at all! At saturday, I was 2nd in our SC in Brno with mine version of Hasty CI. (lost 2nd final /almost 6 points scored/, because oponent early found Femme Fatale and Medium dig mine Mommy covered R&D)

But mine question is - isn`t a problem with none Hedge Fund? Sometimes I got double Siphon per turn and HF was nice aid for this...

30 Jan 2017 Krasty

In your precise description you maybe forget one simply combo: with Hasty you put back LG, SfSS and BL to "AD-score" agenda - two clicks from BL you normaly advance your placed agenda, last (normal) click could be also advance to score GFI