Hard Cider (Games & Stuff SC)

junior_varsity 124

I brought this deck to Games & Stuff SC because I knew people were on CI and Pālanā and I didn't want to play those decks. To my surprise, it did better than expected.

The basis of this deck is from pureflight's CR deck with the existing card pool. The combo of False Lead and Heilein Grid is very devastating. It leaves them competely poor which can be followed up with Hard-Hitting News and Boom! or for agendas to be scored with ease.

Even though Seidr's ability doesn't fire very often, the runner will spend their credits to break expensive ice because they really don't want the ability to fire, which I believe is the hidden power of the ID. It just makes it easier to land Hard-Hitting News.

The only game I loss on the day was from drawing seven agendas out of the ten agendas by turn four and both of the Preemptive Actions were in the last four cards.

21 Feb 2018 Sanjay

This deck was brutal! I hope PureFlight sees it.

22 Feb 2018 PureFlight

Yeaaaahhhh Raven Seidr FTW!! What changes would you make to this build?

22 Feb 2018 PureFlight

Cache Refresh version here: netrunnerdb.com

23 Feb 2018 junior_varsity

@PureFlight Something I would consider is changing out the Marilyn Campaigns for Ultraviolet Clearances to help find the pieces better. Other than that, I think this deck is pretty solid.