holospike inclined (1st and undefeated @ Nottingham CO)

lif3line 144

I used up all my creative energy LARPing the spirit of Guinevere and drawing questionable quality fan art of a TTRPG character, so I had to lean heavily (almost entirely) on the pros for this deck. Don't look at my runner performance, I definitely owe the win to some lucky die/algorithm rolls to play Corp.

  • jan tuno's excellent pre-Rebellion list here, it's the real genius out here
  • Thanks to Cobalt for convincing me to play Azmari by soundly trashing me with 5x Neurospike out of Azmari at the last CO I went to
  • My sole input here is that maybe The Holo Man is pretty good and Sudden Commandment enables shenanigans

Game plan is entirely standard, make an expensive remote then push Reeducation into Neurospike. Failing that Bellona into a couple of Neurospikes works just as well.

The Holo Man turns this up to 11 since for just 10 credits (I say just, but it is Azmari) we can get the kill from an unadvanced Reeducation! Installing The Holo Man in any server and Reeducation in the remote the turn before, then holo-advancing, Seamless Launch, shuffling up to 4 cards with Reeducation, and Neurospike for the kill.

Add Sudden Commandment plus an extra Neurospike and you can do this from an unadvanced Bellona! You only need 2 creds more thanks to the Bellona refund!

Sudden Commandment also allows double Seamless Launch, advance, spike from unadvanced or provides the extra click needed to double spike off Bellona! There's lots of funky extra lines that each card individually enables and even more that are enabled with the two together.

You can also play "fair" with install, advance, advance, and pretend it's an NGO Front..

Making any card (even unadvanced) in the remote a potentially game winning threat within the first few turns forces the runner to setup ASAP and have to make the right run calls or get knocked way off tempo. Plus, even if they do make the right calls the wager is in no way fair: they get 3 points if they're correct, you win if they're wrong.

All of this on top of only running 6 3-point Agendas meaning we can be light on R&D defence and use it as bait to deter remote runs. Even with a lot of multi-access the odds often skew in our favour, especially if we have an Agenda or two in HQ.

The deck was great before and now it feels like someone took the limiters off. But uh at least it's not Reconstruction Contract Ob. I learnt some things about Netrunner timing windows yesterday..

Shout out to everyone at the CO for making it a really great time and generally being far more innovative in their Netrunner. Special thanks to dreadmaw for running and giving us stickers of frogs <3

Also sorry harmonbee, you definitely deserved the top spot; we need more Akiko at the top! I stan the girls.

24 Mar 2024 harmonbee

No need to apologise - as I said to you when the top 4 were announced, your decks are incredibly cool and I'm delighted you made the cut! :) Breakerless Lat and cool combos forevahhhhhhh!

25 Mar 2024 not_yeti

I was murdered by this deck and can confirm, they took a rude deck and made it even ruder.

25 Mar 2024 Yrare

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