The Amazing Superconducting Man (2nd @ Nottingham CO)

Cobalt 312

So The Holo Man is a good card, huh?

This is a very tempo-y deck that's aiming to jam agendas as fast as possible, using Kingmaking as a propulsion tool. Honestly, despite Azmari immediately summoning thoughts of Neurospike and / or horrible glaciers, this plays more like PD than anything else; you just happen to have a lot of money and are rezzing Hydras instead of Ansels.

The deck went undefeated on the day; it inherits the other Azmari variants' ability to present a very taxing server (mostly enabled by Hydra but with assistance from Piranhas) that the Runner must contest more often than they are able to pay for.

Obviously, The Holo Man deserves special mention; he is doing for 5/3s what Seamless Launch did for 4/2s. Even if you're not doing anything combo-y with him, he makes every facedown look like a Bellona, so you don't even have to advance a bait card!

I would, playing again, probably swap out Nonequivalent Exchange for Predictive Planogram to have something to do with a Ping tag besides trash things (as well as having the extra draw power).

Ams played a similar deck with Border Control instead of Big Deal; keep an eye out for her version!

Many thanks to a nameless QtM entity for cooking up the deck in the first place!

24 Mar 2024 jan tuno

surprised to see this silly idea working. good job!

24 Mar 2024 Kikai

Piranhas--the illicit ICE that makes superconducting hub playable.

What a time to be alive (and playing netrunner).

24 Mar 2024 aksu

Tested out the same idea with oracle thinktank over superconducting?

24 Mar 2024 jan tuno

@aksu: we haven't. hub has enough synergy to be Quite Good at this point and i don't think the rare tags from oracle can compare

24 Mar 2024 CJ

Really nice idea

25 Mar 2024 Jai

I tried to tell @aksu that Superconducting > Thinktank in this deck but nooOOooOOo

Anyway I tried some version of this on release day out of R+ with Valentão and Increased Drop Rates (completely forgetting that Seamless Launch was a card), glad to see the concept's got legs!

25 Mar 2024 Cobalt

I think Superconducting Hub is definitely the best of the 1-pointers that actually do anything in your score area (as ARES doesn't help much here and we have no tricks for False Lead).

There might be an argument for Post-Truth Dividend for its fast-advance capability as well as being a Kingmaking target, but the synergy with both Your Digital Life and Piranhas (as well as making it less likely you have to discard any of the cards you drew) means the Hub is a really strong option.

25 Mar 2024 tzeentchling

What does a scoring pattern look like for this deck? Trying to score a mix of 4/2, 3/1, and 5/3 seems like a problem, and even if you're getting a 3/1 for "free" it doesn't feel like it really helps the deck win.

26 Mar 2024 Cobalt

I've mostly won by scoring a Bellona, a Kingmaking-with-bonus, and then a Superconducting Hub, but with Holo Man any scoring pattern is pretty much as easy as any other. As long as you land at least one Bellona in a reasonable amount of time, you're very able to flex to score whatever comes up afterwards.