Facedown SSO

NetDad 389

Or, how to silence MetropoleGrid.

This is an old gearchecky rush deck that hasn't changed since the days of pre-Nisei. It had a tough time keeping up with the credit denial of quotes, but now that currents are banned it's time to dust this off.

The gameplan is simple, flip a big agenda faceup as soon as possible and challenge the runner to get it before you do. If your first agenda is Takeover, aim to score it after two SSO triggers using RPC. Then you can enjoy the sweet feeling of : Gain 3. If your first agenda is one of the other two, advance it out the slow way or speed it up with Dedication Ceremony, then use the tokens you've put on your ice to keep the winning agenda sneakily unadvanced in the remote for RPC. Note that with the suite you should only have to score two out of the five agendas, while in half the cases the runner has to steal three.

To modernize this list a bit you could swap out the Rototurrets for Guard and use your influence for tools against certain problems. Hagen might be worth a slot, but everything else from Nisei doesn't fit well in this deck. Sandstone and Akhet are fine cards in other decks, but here 3 creds is a tall order for a simple ETR. If Boomerang is a problem you could add Masvingo to get some extra subs, or try Magnet if Chisel is strong in your meta. Mwanza is in here mainly for HQ as a way to surprise gain 10 against a suspicious runner. Also, don't fall into the Colossus trap. It sounds nice on paper, but six credits is a ton for this deck to pay, and you really want to End the Run.

You could add a Biotic, but I will be disappointed in you.

25 Jul 2020 Uruz