7 auf einen Streich. 6th at Domecon/Doubleplay

lazychef13 414

So I took Reina to a 35 player tournament and ended up beeing the highest placed anarch. One Reina beat seven Vals. So the deckname is a pun on that refering to the german fairytaile "Das tapfere Schneiderlein"(The Brave Little Tailor)

Expecting a lot of MTI (which ended up actually beeing 14 out of 35...please ban that already) I made a meta call and took the standard Val list, just to remove all the cards you don't want to see in your starting hand against red tree.

Cut 3 dirty laundry

Cut 3 mining accident

Congratulations, now you are on 44 cards and can switch to reina.

Just get rid of the rebirth and bring your best friend hernando to the party. The other guests will love him to...ask jakuza!

And finally add the archivist, because it is my favorite card in the pool. Also he makes ip blocks even worse. Oh and mti plays ONLY Security and Initiative agendas. The interdiction instead of the 3rd hacktivist is not as important but can surprise a batty if they still don't pre-rez.

Having 5 cards less is a huge boost in my opinion in this rushy meta. Keep taxing with your id and hernando and don't die on the stimhack brain damage, which i actually did.

Thank you Dome for organizing such a great weekend. I had a blast playing only absolute lovely people and was really happy to finally meet a lot of the guys in real life.

11 Feb 2019 Longi

Oh, such a cool deck, congrats on the idea and the timing for bringing it to Domecon.

11 Feb 2019 5N00P1

congrats! How anything to report about the Mti games?

12 Feb 2019 Jakuza

The Hernando tilted me so hard. Was great playing irl tho :).

13 Feb 2019 Renegat

That secon paragraph tought me so much about deckbuilding :) thanks for the write up.