Leela's Greatest Hits (3-2 Gamescape Regionals)

ClosDeLaRoche 763

Your standard "Good Stuff" Leela. A fun, strong deck that plays like classic Netrunner. Some notes on my choices:

No One Home was a last minute include and damn am I glad I put it in! This deck can get flush with credits so winning the trace is usually not a problem. Saved me more than once.

Flip Switch is a nice one-of. Great early to aggressively run servers without the fear of face-checking an Anansi, DNA Tracker, Fairchild 3.0, whatever. Force the corp to rez expensive scary ice then bounce out and run another server? That's great credit denial and it reveals a piece of ice. Run last click like an idiot and hit a snare? Clear the net damage with the No One Home then the tag with the Flip Switch. Sweet.

I swapped the Datasucker for Bankroll to make room for my 3rd Deuces but you know, I might prefer the Bankroll. It's a real toss up. Bankroll gets you credits on remotes, plus one game I trashed it for the credits when I needed it, then clone chipped it back. Good use of clone chip against a deck where it would have otherwise been a blank card. Trying to install your breaker suite but didn't draw the Paragon? You can trash Datasucker to make room but I'd rather get credits off of Bankroll. YMMV but the Bankroll did amazing work and I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it as a worse Datasucker.

Kati Jones is a great include. Even though this deck likes to run, there are times when running is the wrong choice and you need to sit back and build for a few turns. Kati lets you do this to maximum effect. It's also great to see my opening hand.

I would have liked to include an Inside Job (we can all agree that it is one of Crims Greatest Hits!), as it is a great way to get around those damn Data Wards in Acme, but the deck has enough run events. I suppose I could cut the Career Fair, Flip Switch or one Emergency Shutdowns but I like the deck as is.

Cheers to all the San Francisco players!