[OKORINA 2] Value Purge -Cyberdex Sandbox (3-2)

Solomir 103

ID for this deck is Cyberdex Sandbox

This ID has it all: a starting econ boost; extra Hedge Funds in the form of Reverse Infection; elevating niche cards like Cyberdex Virus Suite and Macrophage; and just letting you spend your turn clicking for 4 credits instead of 3.

Of course, we want to extract the most value out of the ability to purge for value. What would be a perfect card to do that?

Jeeves Model Bioroids

This deck has plenty of money, enough to afford to rez big nasty ice. Jeeves lets us keep making a good amount of money while still building up our board one click at a time.

This deck went 3-2 during the OKORINA tournament.

Round 1 vs Hernando Cortez - I was terrified I'd have to spend 7 credits rezzing Macrophage in this matchup. I tried to hold back on econ until the Macrophage on RnD had been rezzed (for cheap). The resulting tax on centrals was enough to open up scoring windows.

Round 2 vs Donut Taganes - This was a game where my deck just went "no" with ice. No big nasties the whole game and I couldn't tax the runner out with Engram Flush and Eli 1.0.

Round 3 vs Human First - Mulligan'd into a hand with no ice and lost to RnD getting hammered before I could lock it up. #variance

Round 4 vs Aesop's Pawnshop - This time the ice showed up and did work taxing the runner. The play of the day was using Cyberdex Virus Suite to purge a Pelangi before it could be used during the run.

Round 5 vs Dr. Lovegood - The runner was at 5 points when I scored my 7th point. Then I had to wait 3 more turns for The Black File to die. That was the most stressful 3 turns of the day.

Specific Card Notes:
Jeeves Model Bioroids - He's great value but he never stuck around on the board for more than 2-3 turns.

Marcus Batty - Only ever fired to deal damage. There aren't enough reliable ETRs in the deck to be able to lean on Batty.

Sub Boost - Not in this deck, but was in a previous version. It's great on certain ice (Cortex Lock, Engram Flush, and of course Macrophage) but it's not generally impactful to enable wins.

Huge thanks to Sanjay for running this tournament and introducing this fun new format. This was my first online tournament with NISEI folks and it was a blast.