An Exploration of Throwback Format: 'Replicate This B***h'

Baa Ram Wu 399

I'm going to be posting a decklist a day looking at the interesting side of Throwback Format deckbuilding.

What is Throwback Format?? Simply put it's Standard but you can add 1 full playset of a rotated card OR play with a rotated ID - Eric aka Whiteblade is running a Charity Tournament on the 5th using this tournament! More info here -

Now please feel free to stick 3x Account siphon into your reg 419 or Caprice Nisei into your Jinteki Glacier but if you could just wake me up afterwards from the coma inducing slumber you have put me in due to your unimaginitve deckbuilding!!

Instead let me try to inspire you with some slightly more off the wall choices!

Todays delve into the Jank tank brings us:

Replicate This B***h

Throwback Card: Replicator

You know what's better than a boomerang? A Boomerang that Always comes stright back.

I wanted to give our boy Az a bit of love so I did a little hunt around some defunct hardware and found this nutty good combo!

Make a run - Install your boomerang using Masterwork drawing a card, save a credit with Az, pull another one to your hand with replicator, make your money back using tech traders rinse and repeat!

Once I had that solid option down it was a case of looking for other value off Replicator - Public terminals seem like an obvious choice in Az and let us fire off our Khushuks and Bravados for free. Flip switch seemed like the next best option for hardware that you might want multiple copies of and allows some face checking so you know where to fire your 'rangs!

Some good run events and a breaker suite that pushes towards Khushuks at either 1 or 2 cost and 3x The Class Act for draw alongside Masterwork.

1 note - I have included Spear Phishing over Inside job here as I personally think it works better with your boomerang plan - allowing you to 100% get into a 2 deep unrezzed server early on to combat rush. (Inside Job + boomerang only works if you know some of the ice already)

The deck runs pretty rich but could probably do with a copy of The Back to recur your boomerangs if you lose them as you need 2 left to get the Replicator Combo going.

20 Nov 2020 Longi

hey, saw you testing this one two days ago and I was impressed with the cool idea

20 Nov 2020 Krams

I like your series! It's so much fun to see these unique card interactions.

20 Nov 2020 bowlsley

All I'm gonna say is, you stick a Q-Loop in this bad boy, use it to install a hardware at the start of the corp's turn, get a second copy of it to hand with replicator AND draw a card with masterwork? Instant 7 card hand.

21 Nov 2020 CooK_eD

love the idea of this series!