Acme Baby One More Time - 1-3 @ Iberian Lockdown 4

anarchomushroom 346

The beautiful combination of Asa and CtM. The first thing I thought of when I read the DIversified Portfolio rules was, "A chance to play Fully Operational Acme".

This deck is a lot of fun. The main goal is to slow the runner down with synergistic ICE like Data Ward, IP Block, and Pachinko, make a boat load of money off Daily Quest, make big tempo plays with Fully Operational, Amani Senai, and Team Sponsorship, and eventually score out big Beales or Global Food Initiatives.

The deck also takes advantage of serious tag punishment thanks to SEA Source. Hard-Hitting News is banned in the Diversified Portfolio format, which means the classic SEA Source has time to shine. SEA Source into Closed Accounts into The All-Seeing I is basically game over for most runners. Getting past something like a Data Ward is bad enough, but when you've had your board wiped and your credits depleted, it's basically impossible to get past.

The deck went 1-3 on the day, which was disappointing. Two of the losses came from very lucky runs in round 1 and 4, where the runner made a final hail mary run and managed to steal the right agendas. Without a doubt Global Food Initiative ended up being more of a hindrance than a help. Every time I saw it I wished it was a Bellona. It would be the first card to go if I were making any revisions.

The deck makes serious money, mainly through Daily Quests and Fully Operational, probably the two best cards in the deck. Because of the synergies with your ICE suite and Acme's ability, quite often I would jam two Quests early on and make 6 a turn, which is basically unbeatable. Fully Op is a nutso card, and even poppping it with only two remotes is worth it. Sometimes it feels a little bit "win more", but often it lets you dig hard and bring yourself to an equal position with the runner.

If I were making any changes, I'd probably cut the TeamSpo's and Jeeves'. I think I got Jeeves value once, same with TeamSpo, and the ended up getting discarded in annoyance whenever I saw them. I'd probably look to replace them with maybe Mumba Temples, or more FA tools (I'd probably consider even running a Biotic Labor). I think this deck also needs Daily Business Show, the card filtering is so crucial. I'd maybe bump SEA Source up to a full three copies, or probably add a SIU instead. Calibration Testing is also probably a wickedly good include.

All in all, this deck has a lot of legs, and I think can be adjusted for Standard as well. FullyOp is absolutely dope, and you can make so much money that SEA Sourcing into tag punishment is very very real.

Thanks again to Vesper for putting on the Iberian Lockdown tournament, it's a tonne of fun and if you have a chance to play, then I really really recommend you do so!