Breaking for Free (StartUp) 2nd of 6

5N00P1 764

For our Berlin Start Up tournament I wanted to play a Loup deck so I took a RegHoshiko one and changed it to Loup. Removing Bravado adding Simulchip & Botulus and kept the Boomerang as they are good in breaking also for free and with Paladin Poemu & Keiko you can install them for free.

This deck went 2 wins, one draw (due to time) in 3 rounds of swiss. For a deck I threw together 5 min before the event I was quite happy with it. It has lots of money, lot's of answers and can break for free.
It played 1 NBN: Reality Plus & 2 Weyland Consortium: Built to Last.

With some of the choices I'm not 100% sure. 1st Carmen vs Bukhgalter because of Leech with Bukhalter you might be able to break for 0, on the other hand the base strength of Carmen is higher and there is a lot of Cyberdex Sandbox in the game.
2nd Wildcat Strike usually you get the worst out of both possibilitiers but often you get the 4 credits. Moshing could also be worth a try.
3rd it might sound funny, but MU was an issue. With 2 Botulus out 6 MU is not that much and it's the reason I was not running Stargate. Maybe add DZMZ Optimizer? But slots! You could also add T400 Memory Diamond if you are afraid of Neurospike & Punitive Counterstrike.

The deck was fun and Imp is for sure the MVP and you can recur them with Simulchip if your opponent don't want to trash their ICE for your Botulus.
You can run for free or nearly for free ICE with only one sub is bad. Breaking Tollbooth for 3 feels good. Breaking everything else every 2nd turn too. And often you can use it to load your Leech and use the discount somewhere else. Like Dirty Laundry HQ for free for a counter & 3 credits & an access. The deck is lacking Multi Access and honestly I have no idea about it. I thought Imp is my multi access but a Conduit would be nice, but still MU.
Anyone with an idea what to do with 1 inf?

29 May 2021 Longi

Hey Snoopi, congrats on 2nd place. I like the deck but the Sandbox, which is played everywhere, will wreck it. Do you need the ice carver with 2 Leeches?

29 May 2021 5N00P1

Hey Longi, you might have a point here, but as all Breakers are so bad in pumping strength I would feel better with it. As I'm seeing lots of Colossus and Pharos. But you might have a point here!

8 Jul 2021 Myldside

Maybe a Career Fair for your last influence pip? You have 7 good targets for it!

4 Oct 2021 5N00P1

Good idea @Myldside! But I went for Tread Lightly in my updated version and removed a Leech.