Mti "What does that do again?" Mwekundu (4th at Gencon)

Aesynil 398

It was literally this deck (, except I dropped an NGO for a Distract the Masses (should have cut a Rashida, as terrible as that is to say - ended up being dead weight against CV decks, when they had a 7 counter CV, waiting for my 1-card hand to grow).

Favorite quote of the day "How much net damage does Ben Mushashi do again?" from somebody who accessed Mumbad 3-4 times in the server, and 2-3 times from my hand. "Umm..That wasn't Ben Mushashi" Nobody trashes Mumbad City Grid, because frankly, it IS a bad card...Until you have a 5-deep server, Thimblerig pulled all of the expensive ice out of it except for the single Surveyor at the very top, and the runner is about to encounter that Surveyor 5 times, and then a 6th time with Code Replicator, with your centrals protected by every big, pain-in-the-ass ice Jinteki has to offer. Then suddenly the runners are questioning their decisions with a mournful look.

I'm sure a better player would run this differently, but usually I rushed out an early agenda (Nisei, SSL, or CST preferably), then moved the ice over to protect centrals while weathering the mid-game, until I made the server quite literally impenetrable to quickly jam out the last 2 agendas. The deck runs insanely rich, Thimblerig lets you put the ice right where you need it when you need it, and 8 agendas + 2 agenda flood cards mean you can build up truly nasty servers before pushing out the win.

Beyond that, it was really just traditional glacier Netrunner, and a lot of fun to play (though it went long almost every game...)

9 Aug 2018 phette23

Out of curiosity if you were to cut the Rashidas what would it be for? Something like +1 NGO +1 Fast Track +1 ICE?

9 Aug 2018 Aesynil

Oh, I was thinking -1 Rashida +1 NGO. I liked Rashidas early, and would love to see one of them (2 slots makes that likely). Seeing them late game against CV was often a dead draw, though. NGO, though, was always good.

9 Aug 2018 Sutlomatsch

Why don't you play the good boy Komainu? He has a great synergy with Mjumbad City Grid (I actually flatlined more than one runner with that + Whirlwind)

9 Aug 2018 Aesynil

Good synergy, but with no snares or obakata, the runner wouldn't be penalized for going to zero cards and running, shutting Koimanu off - whereas Anansi always hurts.