Startup Multi Pass

Diogene 1604

Fun way to pass ices for cheap.

Based from and inspired by Atsch deck


This version rely on Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist for draw. Viruses can come back again (with Simulchip) and again (with Rejig) and again (with Retrieval Run).

Femme Fatale and Buzzsaw can be trashed and retrieved later. Femme Fatale will let you bypass ices that are difficult to trash, like and advanced Pharos. Buzzsaw will let you deal with Magnet. Otherwise, the deck would be disabled by that ice.

Stargate is key here, because you it will let you interact with Jinteki: Personal Evolution without risk as well as let you trash preemptively any ices that you see.

Keiko + Paladin Poemu will let you install all your tools for free (or almost).

Shoutout to Atsch and napalm900 for the discussions on this deck and the original version of the deck by Atsch. It was a lot of fun!


14 Sep 2021 Ätsch

The original was by napalm900, I just made small adjustments :D Really nice that you find a way to include the Femme Fatale and a third Retrieval Run. These work great together. Hoshiko might be really cool here, probs to you if you can manage to trigger her flipped side with 0 credits left ;) With that many multiples 1 or 2 Gachapon wouldn't look bad imo, especially since this 'looks' a little weak on the draw side of things imo. Gonna do some testing tonight on this :) With Stargate you might even be able to cut a little down on the Imps and recursion.

14 Sep 2021 Diogene

@Ätsch I think you could cut a Paladin Poemu for a Gachapon. Note that you would get amazing draw by using The Nihilist, considering the amount of virus in play.

What I've liked, so far in my tests, I've liked the pressure that was possible with Stargate. But so far, I've not been able to use Femme Fatale, which is normal, considering it needs to be trashed and then installed through Retrieval Run.

Finally, it could be possible to use Moshing to get both creds and draw. There is enough redondancy to allow this. But it will pressure your own deck a lot.

I can't wait to read how your test went. This archetype is pretty fun in startup.


15 Sep 2021 Ätsch

I've tried 5 times. I'm just too stupid for Hoshiko. I'm poor to often. Then I lose a credit to draw a card. Stargate doesn't work with her ability. I find myself way too often tripping over my own feet :(. Still Stargate is super strong and should be played anyway, maybe even somehow in the "original". I'm kinda disillusioned on the Imps for the price of Mulitaccess right now.

The Femme Fatale install felt great. Problem is still - I have to pay for her ability. It sounds super vain, but that really annoyed me. Get it on an ICE with 3 Subs and its 3 credits and I'm too stupid to make money anyway ^^

But it hasn't been all bad! You gave me some really cool starting ideas to make the Stargate + no Icebreakers dream come true. Gonna publish that soon.

Sry mate :( Cheers!