RAM 1 - Precision Design

Lem 34

Deck made with a limited RAM card pool seen with this search: "d:c e:sg|hap|asis|bf|dtwn|eas|ftm|in|kg|mt|ms|qu|so|tlm"

Because HB in this card pool had great ice and upgrades against Endurance, there was really no other good choices.

Did not want to play a standard deck, so added some older cards to spice things up. So basically made it worse but the deck was still great.

Power Shutdown - The idea of this card was to get rid of the first breaker, or even Endurance, but in the tournament games, it was mostly used to get rid of pesky Tapwrms without needing to purge. Worked great in that but probably not worth three slots and 6 inf.

Bryan Stinson - 1) Start first turn 2) Play Hedge Fund 3) Install and rez Brian Stinson 4) Let Brian carry you with his manly arms

Brainstorm - One is always a welcome surprise.