The Deck You Play When You Don't Have Space On Your Table

moioioi 124

It's a part of Netrunner we've all experienced. Assets strewn down the table as far as the eye can see, and ICE stacked layer upon layer until it finally protrudes onto your mat.


All you need space for with this deck is room for your ID, your stack and your heap. And maybe another card's worth of real estate for the occasional install that will not stick around.

Here is how you play this ApoKenlypse. Run, Bypass, Run Again, Bypass, Run Thrice More, Bypass, Apocalypse. Make sure there aren't any Hostile Infrastructures on board before clearing the cards from your immaculate playmat.

Nothing serious here. Just a ton of fun.

11 Oct 2017 Pink

This list seems really neat! - Inspiring even!

What keeps it from being, or becoming, "serious"?

(Discovered the game less than a week ago, so if the reasons are obvious, I won't catch them just yet. :) )

11 Oct 2017 moioioi

@Pink I've been playing around with this deck and some games feel like you're in it just to play the Apocalypse.

And when it fires, there is no real quick way to end the game afterwards.

I guess it needs a permanent win condition. Rather than looking at your opponent and whispering "neither of us can have nice things."

11 Oct 2017 Pink

As someone who used to play M:tG, board wipes were a common part of the game. I think the biggest problem with Apocalypse is that it'll generally be your last action, which denies you the ability to take advantage of the empty board state until after your opponent has been allowed to recover.

I wonder if Ken is worth being a Criminal deck for this. MKUltra/Black Orchestra/Paperclip seem really strong post Apocalypse. It should also be pretty easy to trigger Notoriety.

I don't know much about mill in NR yet, so I don't know if there's a simpler/more efficient win con' by going that route than taking advantage of wiped boards to trigger Notoriety agendas while searching for agendas in Archives/R&D/HQ.

As I said, been looking into the game for less than a week, so these are just the first things that come to mind based on the little research I've done so far.

I'm probably going to spend a lot of time trying to make such a deck work now. Thanks for inspiring the project! ^^

11 Oct 2017 RubbishyUsername

Previously you wanted to Keyhole your opponent after the Apocalypse because you got to see a crazy number of cards as well as deny ice. Now, your options are much more limited. I'd like to see a few Indexing since that can be used to deny ice, works much better with Mad Dash, and Ken, and encourages multiple runs when the ice is minimal. I'd say you want a couple Indexings, cutting some of those influence econ cards. And, I know you're gonna take affront to this suggesting non-events, but you could make up to the money hit by running 3x Tapwrm. You have spare MU, and purging buys you time where they aren't rezzing or installing ice pre or post apocalypse.

11 Oct 2017 Gargulec

I ran a very similar variant of Ken to actualy major-tournament Top 8 effects. So this is legit!