Continued Shaper Bullshit

coldlava 235

This is one of the most fun and reliable versions of the rush Ob list I have found. Being able to quickly pivot to defending centrals and FA out 5 points if needed is great and often the Manegarm Skunkworks winds up on R&D so you can draw the agendas. It went 3-2 on the day which earned me 14th of 59. The first loss to a mawshiko who got maw down turn 2 after I spent the only piece of ice rushing an Oaktown and the other in the last round of swiis to knock me out of the cut to the eventual 4th place Dave976 who apoc'd the hell out of me when I tried to rush an atlas counter.

Thank you to my local meta mates DeeR, Aureates, Redino, and Saetzero as well as Whiteblade for helping me get as close to making the cut as I did. My runner deck was just boring reg-hosh.