[Startup] Speedboatesque

#endgame 126

Placed 3rd (tiebreaking on extended strength of schedule) at the 2022 Brisbane Circuit Opener, beating two Sables, and losing on time to Hoshiko.

I'd been having a lot of fun with How to Drago Friends and Ob People at local game nights. The night before the tournament I decided that the games were too grindy, and that the local meta was probably bored of boat, so I kept most of the ICE suite but swapped in the Speedboat gameplan.

Ob is such hilarious nonsense. The changes suggested in the OP of the Speedboat decklist move it away from straight FA (which means Azef Protocol score will get you an Ob trigger), but you're still likely to get a score or two using Bass CH1R180G4. That lets you set up Daily Business Show if you're digging for the next agenda, or Manegarm Skunkworks if you want to secure the scoring remote. A mid-run sac of Mavirus is also a great time to get the skunkworks out.

The deck probably wants one more card that costs 1, to make it easier to chain into Spin Doctor or Svyatogor Excavator. Maybe -1 Hedge Fund, +1 Corporate Town or +1 Wall to Wall? I think it also wants another 3-cost ICE to give some security once Stavka goes off. If you add Corporate Town, then maybe -1 Archer, +1 Sandstone/Afshar/Akhet/Maskirovka?

It might also be worth replacing Daily Business Show with Digital Rights Management.