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omnijeff 524

It was the night before Worlds and @Manticore and I needed a new runner deck. I had a combo deck that was 1 turn slower than I wanted and he had a bad icebreaker with Turntable Kit.

We decided we wanted a deck that could beat all of the CI archetypes, but how? I offhandedly lamented the demise of Salvaged Vanadis Armory, but it reminded me of the self damage decks going around a few months ago. Usually those decks had the issue of the corporation only having 5 cards in hand, but with CI you don't have that issue.

Overall, the deck performed relatively well for a deck built the night before worlds:

Vs CI: 3-2 (one loss to Wilfy)

Vs Titan: 2-0

Vs Jinteki: 3-3*

Vs AoT: 1-0

Overall, you want to keep your Earthrise Hotel rolling, and keep building up counters on Clan Vengeance. Never be afraid to blindly mad dash if it'll get you a counter or two.

I hate the Anarch breakers, so we went with Null for the discount in breaking. If you don't end up needing it, Rebirth lets you turn into Omar or Quetzal to poke centrals or break Chyashi ETR and collect 2 instances of damage.

Titanium Ribs is one of my favorite cards, the value you get vs grindy Jinetki matchups is massive. Once you start hitting yourself with damage, it becomes mandatory. Don't hesitate to replace one set of ribs with another if you aren't drawing enough damage cards vs CI.

Respirocytes saves you from brain rewiring, gets you a free meat damage, and gives you extra cards on your Levy AR Lab Access draw.

Corporate Defector lets you suffocate the corporation. If they ever click to draw for the rest of the game, they have to reveal their draw and you can instantly trash their hand. Especially effective vs asset spam where they need to be drawing cards.

Brain Cage is a great way to not die to Boom!, keep the cards flowing more easily, and take a damage.

If I were to make changes to the deck, I would try to fit in a Chop Bot. Not having Respirocytes back in the post-Levy deck is incredibly sad. The extra bit of draw would be appreciated too.

As a final note: Have fun playing this on JNet, you care about the timing windows more than your opponent does.

*One game loss due to mistakenly suffering an extra damage from a successful Mad Dash vs Punitive Counterstrike

7 Nov 2017 checkthebox

This is my favorite deck from Worlds. Massive props to Manticore for making day 2 with this. Other than this being really great design, it was also a fantastic meta-call with all the combo decks around. Take a bow @omnijeff and Manticore.