Radio London (57th at Worlds 2018)

cillit_bangarang 92

Once it was announced this would be the final worlds (and the first I'd be able to attend) I decided to not worry too much about being on-meta/competitive and instead bring decks I knew I'd enjoy playing for at least 7 rounds. It turned out OK, as I ended up 57th overall.

It's a pretty standard pirate list, the main differences being:

1 Levy - Games are fast these days, I find they're generally coming to a close around the end of the first pass of the deck. I don't remember ever reaching the end of the second pass all weekend.

Turntable - Playing Weyland against our local Pirate Hayley aficionado has drilled into me the power of this card. While dead against certain matchups (6 agenda/Echo Chamber Azmari) it is an absolute game-changer against Mti, as they want to hang on to their Nisei counters for the remote, so may be loath to use them on a speculative run/potential spycam ruse. Or possibly forget it's even installed (just make sure you don't!)

The Maker's Eye - Would be DDM if I could spare any more influence. Having an extra game closer and general pressure is great, as is not having your entire R&D scoring plan be hosed by a single Miraju.

6 cameras/45 cards - To make as much of the deck be Spy Cameras/Tech Traders as possible.

3 Same Old Thing - Extra Levy insurance, and lets you falsify more credentials.