Azmari Bolognaise - 1st at Sheffield SC

RotomAppliance 2500

A very straightforward deck, taking a well known shell and adding Daily Quest for even more busted econ. I decided to cut Scarcity and just make a deck that oozed money, reasoning that Strike wouldn't make a big dent even if played (Hacktivist would have been more annoying, but nobody played one against me).

The influence was previously 3 Surveyor, 1 Border Control, 2 Ash and 1 Bio Vault, but I decided to go for a triple Border Control package, which allows you to cut one upgrade comfortably enough, and provides more protection against Apocalypse. I'm not sure which option is best, and both felt equally good in testing. The lower number of tracers was mild tech for Nexus 419, with the CVS include being tech for all types of 419. The money the deck makes allows for an expensive ice suite, with Hydra actually being a practical card to slot, and fun to rez. If I had to make a change, I'd look at turning the Archangel into a third Tollbooth - the deck can afford it and Archangel was a bit hit and miss on the day.

The deck went 3-1 in Sheffield, beating Reg Leela, GPI Net tap 419 (thanks CVS) and Reg Gabe, and losing to Laamb Maxx. I think it's a little worse than MTI due to having fewer nonsense ETR effects, though it is richer, and decently competitive.