Good Stuff Val (3-2 Rochester SC)

bjorn9486 41

This is my version of Val with a bunch of good-stuff Anarch cards. This the deck that I took to the Rochester NY store championship going 3 and 2 during the day along with my Siphon CTM deck which carried me through the cut to claim the championship plaque. Since this isn't a unique deck (make money and install stuff), I'm just going to hit on some of the more unique cards.

Ice Carver is probably the most unique card but critical. The first time it would save you pumping an MKUltra or Black Orchestra it has paid for itself. It also allows you to break Data Raven with Mimic for 1 or only have to pump BO once to start breaking FC3.

Salsette Slums and Film Critic allows you to trigger both Maw and Aumakua