Classic CTM 2.11 (12-2 across 3 SCs)

Eon_II 53

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Didn't really intend to publish this, but ABR did so automatically. Guess that'll teach me to read the #Waiver next time.

Took this CTM list to Milton Keynes and both Sheffield SCs, placing 3rd/28, 6th/22 and 8th/11 (Kate was not the right call for that event...). Over the course of the three weekends the deck dropped two games, both to stellar players with excellent SC records.

CTM is still really good - it's got good game v Siphon Anarch & Dumblefork, solid v Andy unless you get a poor start, and still picks up free wins in Swiss from opponents making mistakes. People think Aaron and OTL are enough to hate it out but really, the tag punishment is just icing on the cake, not what makes the deck shine. It's strong because it can play a selection of high power assets and upgrades in the early game which cost the runner extra time and money to trash because of the ID ability, which in turn enables it to rush/FA out early agendas or build a decent board for the lategame. (Also I've managed to trash 3 Aarons in SCs this month, which is incredibly satisying)

The quest to find the perfect ICE suite for CTM continues - I'm not sold on the Data Raven. It's been useful about twice, dead weight most games. I never got much use out of cobra either though. Maybe just swap it for a turnpike, or something spicier like Info Overload - going to 0 sentries sounds bad but I'm seriously considering it. I'm very happy with the barrier selection though, IP block has been critical several times.