Frankly speaking

Diogene 4086

Be more efficient than Pravdivost and enjoy showing off this almost forgotten identity. To be frank, it is a fun deck.

Mulligan plan : you want ices.

Game plan : Tax the runner with your ices, have an alternative plan to flatline the runner and score your agendas while boosting your ices clicklessly.

It started when me and ShinMuteki were trying to design a SSO Industries: Fueling Innovation deck for the circuit opener of our local meta. From the start, I felt that Mestnichestvo would be a central piece, since it get its counters easily from SSO. The initial deck was similar with this one, but with Economic Warfare and Hard-Hitting News (with BOOM!) instead of Prisec, End of the Line and News Team. The initial idea was to tax the runner with our ices and use HHN for a second line of play. It did ok, but it was reported by ShinMuteki that it felt like the deck was lacking something.

After some test with Punitive Counterstrike, it felt difficult to tax the runners enough to make is feasible to use double Punitive. Enter the idea of using End of the Line instead of BOOM!. For this, initialy, Snare! was used, but News Team gives us a much better line. Taking the tag will means poisoning the archive afterward, while making End of the Line very much lethal. Otherwise, the negative agenda points can force the runner to need 4 agendas to win the game. This will give us enough time to make any run quite taxing with our ices. This allows us to focus on taxing the runner through ices, instead of exchanging credits with the runner to give tags.

Akhet combo well with City Works Project by possibly boosting it mid run, thus making the math of the runner more difficult. Going with that same agenda, Prisec will add more damage AND some tags.

A triple advanced Mausolus need to be broken at any cost, because the subs becomes so much more nasty. Same goes for Colossus, which also get its strength boosted. Magnet is there to deal with the ever present Botulus.

Our agendas have no defense when in R&D or HQ. Unless you are against Esâ Afontov: Eco-Insurrectionist, I suggest putting as much defense on R&D as the scoring remote.

With SSO, you will usually have no need to put (and pay for) any advancementts for your ices. By the end of the game, your ices will have more advancements than you would have with any other identity.


29 May 2023 ShinMuteki

Nice deck! I like the News Team!