419 - 6th Derby Regional

Pandageddon 12

Took this to the 2018 Derby Regional, having no idea what I wanted to run (except that I didn't want to do the Zer0/CV thing). A while back I'd played the Scamshop deck that won the UKGE tournement with the addition of DoF which I enjoyed so found a more up to date list and shamelessly ripped off this deck: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/51448/scamshop-first-place-socal-regionals-2018- I swapped an Abagnale for Amina (which I installed once and used to break 0 subs) and Hot Pursuit for a second Credit Kiting (to install my useless Amina). In swiss It beat SYNC, The Outfit and Sportsmetal, and lost to Alex White's CI and a Skorp. In the cut it lost to the same CI putting me in the loosers bracket.