150 And Still Young - SOCR2 Top 8

mbzrl 144

This is the decklist I used in top 8 of the Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament, overall record 4-3. Wins against BoN, SYNC, CtM, EtF, losses against Argus, and EtF x2.

Until Crimson Dust came out, I was on Logos Iain with 1-ofs (On the Lam, Citadel Sanctuary, Hernando Cortez, influence on breakers and Medium), but thought the synergy between Mining Accident and Aumakua was worth looking at, especially going up against a horizontal deck round 1. Then I saw GPI Net Tap, read the card for the first time, and went all-in on the turtle since it'll actually be really hard to lock out if there are any unrezzed ice.

The basic idea is that, in the runner-favored Cache Refresh meta, remote lock with ridiculous amounts of money is probably unbeatable - which I proved wrong by getting flatlined by my own mistakes twice, and then getting rushed out in game 2 of top 8!

But initially I settled on do-nothing Crim, with Tapwrm (not featured here due to anti-synergy with turtle) Iain, Logos, and Aaron Marrón letting me speed up my setup time and get rich if the Corp dares trying to go fast. Once set up so there's no more remote plan, hit them with Legwork, and then R&D lock. Similar idea with this iteration, but with the ability to trash every remote. Setup is fast since it's just turtle, so I dropped the Logos for the (painfully) 1-of Desperado. Your R&D card is Top Hat, which actually works great for that in this deck, since you're making cheap runs with bad publicity and a strength 30 AI.

I think that with the new gameplan, Los is a better ID for this list (add an Equivocation) since it's more aggressive than my original idea. But check out the stream of my top 8 matchup against @kevintame to see just how much pressure an old man and a turtle can put on!