Clockwork Killer (8th @ Worlds 2021)

Saja_PL 153

What Doesn't Kill You Will Make You A Killer

Basic directives. dyrektywy

Safety First; Neutralize All Threats; Find the Truth

Step 1: Put economy.


Basic Economy for Runners. Nothing special. It`s best to use Career Fair for installation. It is not essential. But it is great for reducing the number of cards in your hand for Safety First.

When you feel economically stable, you can start getting ready for running.

The first thing you need to think about are the breakers (Engolo). Emergent Creativity comes to our aid. Use it when you already have Multithreader or Paperclip in your grip. And it would be even better if you could redeem the cost by 5. It is possible. Logic Bomb allows you to put early pressure on servers. Just watch out for Snare! and so many other toys that could make you stay tagged at the end of the turn. Adam is severely allergic to tags.

Step 2: Hammer central severs.


Red Team; Overclock; Dirty Laundry won't let you lose a lot of tempo. Install The Turning Wheel and try to use Find the Truth every turn.

Step 3: Ending

When you have a loaded The Turning Wheel or you can spot an agenda with Find the Truth. You know what to do. Mad Dash


I know. Easy to say. At this point, I can only advise one thing. Run, run and run again.

These (T400 Memory Diamond and Hunting Grounds) are included only because I was afraid of Data Loop Pālanā.

As always, I would like to warmly thank the NISEI team for all your hard work. Thanks also to the people streaming and watching, the competition participants and fans.

Many thanks to Odol for his Odolowa League of Netrunner and to all those who play with us.

Special thanks to Śmieszny for the consultation and for being almost always on the phone. And for Keithh for our endless blabbering.

I love you all. ABR.

24 Nov 2021 Council


27 Nov 2021 koniu

Congrats! And come for some IRL games as soon as you can! :D