EtF Barricade (#1 swiss and cut NISEI Eternal Tournament)

lostgeek 2279

The ultimate Barricade


Like my Runner deck, this is a product of no testing whatsoever and my most lunatic meta call. You have been warned...

Before the tournament I was toying around with NEH Railgun decks, thought I was especially smart including Malia Z0L0K4 against Aaron Marrón, but felt like it were just too many moving pieces to get together, while battling the growing number of tech cards the runner will draw into. Also having umpteen open remotes is an invitation for the Runner to gain 20 credits from Temüjin Contract.

That's when I remembered that NEXT Design was great fun in the Temüjin meta. I started out by having a Jinja based NEXT with Violet Level Clearances and juggled around with influence to get GFI, Surveyor and Shipment from Tennin in. Then it dawned me that there was a reason everyone was on EtF back then and I clicked together this deck.

I had no time to test it at all, so I just hoped to have a fun Saturday evening and watch someone crack the CI7 or Noiseshop puzzle that I failed on. That was also when I saw that the NEXT list I copied from didn't have any Jackson Howard, but I didn't have any influence left, so 1x Preemptive Action must do... I will gratefully forfeit my game to any Noise who can show me how to get that deck working.

The idea of this deck is simple. First turn try to imitate NEXT by installing three pieces of somewhat rezzable ICE. If you can't do that, at least ICE HQ and R&D against Andy and forfeit the free Temüjin runs on Archives. Then draw into your Jinja City Grid and Violet Level Clearance and start stacking towers. Once the Runner inevitable finds out, that they didn't think they have to break any ICE this tournament, start FAing your agendas with Biotic and/or Tennin.

Living the Jinja Dream

Achievements unlocked:

  • Biotic + Tennin + Tennin out a GFI
  • Keep a Surveyor alive by Jinja-installing ICE every other turn against Parasite
  • Go down to 1 to score out the sixth point with 3 agendas and a boat-load of rezzed ICE in HQ... with a scored Domestic Sleepers
  • First Turn: Ice R&D, Jinja on HQ, Violet Level Clearance into 3 ICE

Not unlocked: Firing a single ABT. sorry.gif

Thank you NISEI for organizing this great tournament, Kelfecil and Andrej + all the other co-commentators for streaming and all my opponents for a lot of friendly games making this a wonderful weekend! I was astonished how balanced the meta felt and am looking forward to the next one!

3 Dec 2018 NtscapeNavigator

0x Jackson


3 Dec 2018 em-crabtree

what a shockingly normal deck.

9 Dec 2018 Cpt_nice

Simple but clean