Purgatory Andy (#1 swiss and cut NISEI Eternal Tournament)

lostgeek 996

Like my Corp deck, this is a product of no testing whatsoever... You have been warned!


I played spags' wonderful 419 Apoc deck at King of Lasers last weekend (shoutout to Jakuza!), when I, a) realized that the eternal tournament is coming up very soon and b) no matter what degeneracy will be going on, it will most likely happen on remotes.

So I just updated it with good stuff from the rotated and banned card pool but kept the general game plan of throwing down Bankrolls, keep feeding the Turtle until you decide to end the world once and for all. While I was unsure about the Bankrolls, the credits really helped a lot and I typically earned around 10 credits each.

While during Swiss rounds, noone did expect the Apocalypse, in the cut people were playing more cautiously. In those matches you have to keep the Corp poor with an endless stream of credit denial and make them rez ICE, which will eventually fall victim to Apocalypse.

Adding three New Angeles City Hall was key to winning against @netjoggings murderous SYNC deck and I wouldn't cut a single one of them. While most people were teched against Aaron Marrón, no one seemed to have packed an answer for it.

Thank you NISEI for organizing this great tournament, Kelfecil and Andrej + all the other co-commentators for streaming and all my opponents for a lot of friendly games making this a wonderful weekend! I was astonished how balanced the meta felt and am looking forward to the next one!

2 Dec 2018 Cpt_nice

Congrats on your win!

3 Dec 2018 manveruppd
6 Dec 2018 zmb

Awesomesauce! :) Congrats on the win!