Sunny's on strike

deleriad 104

This was my runner deck for my first tournament - Edinburgh Store Championship. Went 3-1 on the day with its only loss to a Titan Fast Advance.

I was expecting to face lots of CI, Ag-Infusion and PE. As it was I faced Harmony Medtech, Titan, Argus and The Foundry.

Based on that, Information sifting got me nothing all day, I never needed Feedback Filter or Citadel Sanctuary. On the props side, Beth turned up every game and was an absolute star performer. Employee Strike was a better choice than Film Critic. I was always happy to see Maxwell James and Security Chips are just plain rude. Turning Wheel was also great. Jak was the man. No one played shipment from tennin against me all day due to Jak poking around for free. On a good day I was getting 5 clicks from Beth and a free run from Jak. Turning Wheel loved that.

Games as I remember them.

Game 1: The Foundry playing glacier with Sandburg and MCA. Pretty much an ideal opponent for Sunny and Beth. He clicked MCA, was rich and I had Beth. He played Enhanced Login Protocol, Sunny did a little union agitation and it was all really a matter of locking his remote then picking agendas out of HQ with magic agenda-picking fingers. Win.

Game 2: vs Titan FA. No employee strike even after a Mulligan. Facing Sunny my opponent went all out with a turn 1 Audacity to score Atlas with a counter. Nothing on R&D for me. He managed to draw into some ICE and regained his position. Still no Employee Strike though I managed to score a Corporate Sales team from HQ. Saw a Biotic sitting there. He was eventually able to money up enough to Atlas and Biotic a second Atlas with counter. Shortly afterwards I found a Strike and played it. That pegged him down for a while but I was struggling to find Turning Wheel or any sort of multi-access while I looked to find the third Atlas. I did find an Oaktown in the archives from the turn 1 Audacity. Eventually he drew into a Biotic and an Audacity and used them both to score a final Atlas with a counter and 2 credits left over. I tried one last run into R&D and archives but no deal and Hostile the next turn for the win. Really well played by my opponent; he had control of the game from his turn 1 Atlas and I was never able to knock him off it.

Game 3: vs Harmony Medtech on 5/3s (Obokata and Future Perfect.) Employee Strike is useless in this game so I mulliganed into two of them. He scored an early Obokata that I couldn't contest. Guard on a remote, how rude. He tried to ruse me with another unadvanced install in that remote but I settled for building my position and locking it. Then started hitting HQ and sucked out a Future Perfect with some good Sunny Psi. Unfortunately Jak later ran into a Suck-you in Archives meaning I now had to score 3 agendas to win. I was able to keep the remote locked. It now had a Guard, unrezzed Koimanu and unrezzed Data Loop which meant that I need to draw a lot of cards to steal anything. (I had earlier trashed a Ben in there.) Next step was a series of Wack-a-mole accesses of Future Perfect in HQ. Eventually got it on the third psi game. (I was keeping him poor by threatening R&D with Makers Eye and Turning Wheel counters.) So it came down to an Obokata installed into the remote. He was too poor to defend it fully and I had a Sports Hopper ready for an extra three cards. The game was Sunny's.

Game 4: vs Argus. I saw plenty of HHN, Boom, Hunter Seeker and Consulting Visits in there. This ended being a real grind though. I drew a turn 1 Employee Strike but had to let him score 6 agenda points before I could do anything. At which I point I played it and started the long, slow grind to victory. Stole three(!) False Leads, had a Nexus and a Sherman Hunter-seekered. Stole an Atlas. Got hit with HHN (how embarrassing) but with 4 drip and 1 credit I removed three tags and he had bankrupted himself to play it so couldn't take advantage. Next turn cleared the final tag and was able to keep his remote locked. Finally Turning Wheel came to the party with Jak in play. Spammed the Wheel to get 8 counters over two turns and then hit HQ with 5 accesses to get the winning agenda. My last 2 Nexuses and only Citadel Sanctuary were my bottom three cards.

So all in all good fun. Long games are not exactly ideal so I played Next as my corp. Th e less said about that the better. Thanks to all my opponents for fun, challenging games.