Null - Charity Gift 2016 Sheffield

GarfieldMew 479

Having picked a faction that I am not familiar with let alone the relative new id (to me at least), this build was always going to be a challenge especially due to my limited card pool, 1x Core plus and 4x Deluxe box. Hence deciding to add Blood Money to my collection after some play testing with the very helpful "The Critcal Twits" team. I felt #Rumor Mill and #Paperclip was a must.

This being a chaity event was very diverse, whereby all 32 (bar one duplicate) players were running different ID's and hence I opted for a "Jack of all trades" trying to fit something for everything.

As with all best laid plans and ultimately probably due to a combination of my naivety or lack of experience with Anarch's, I ran too much and too aggressively (my criminal mind coming to play). In all the games I manage to find a couple of quick agendas but the problem was finishing. I was either flatlined or couldn't find the right combination of the econ/cards in hand/breaker suite in time before I was locked out. But I did rush out 2 games against the "Yellow tide" of Harishchandra and Sync riding over 10 tags in both game.

Concluding thoughts: Firstly many thanks goes to the Richard Hammond for organising such a wonderful and diverse event, providing me the opportunity to meet and play against some of the worlds/regional champs. I played the eventual winner in the first match and was privelege to sit next to a world attendee/regional champ in another and watched her play out a repeat of the Worlds dominating CtM deck.