Wait Gateway Had Grinder This Whole Time

izzy 382

Players have reached a consensus, generally, that the best deck in Gateway Only is Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design. The format doesn't have enough tools for kill combo, the tag punishment is a joke, and I'm sorry but making your Hansei Review into a click-for-6-credits isn't gonna make Jinteki: Restoring Humanity competitive.

None of them were brave enough to ask the question: Are we human? Or are we grinder? 🎶

Orbital Superiority won't kill 'em. Probably.

Karunā won't kill 'em. Probably.

Tithe won't kill 'em.

Clearinghouse won't kill 'em. Probably

Urtica Cipher won't kill 'em. Probably.

But after they've dealt with all of them.... will they have enough cards left to win?

Your game plan is simple. Install and advance things and let the runner figure it out. Protect things lightly, if at all. Mix up what you protect how. Eventually aim for a board state where you can fire off a couple Clearinghouses on one turn, or if they go Tagme let them discover that Urtica was actually your Orbital all along. Tempt them to run through the Funhouse or pay through the Pharos. Welcome to the shell game.

20 Apr 2023 Council

The choice is final.

My hands are cold.

27 Apr 2023 Nopius

And I'm on my knees Looking for the breaker.