Find The Truth Val (King of Swiss & 7th Derby Regional)

Haberdash 15

I decided to go with Find the Truth over Indexing because I am physically incapable of clicking Zer0 when holding important cards in hand. The only reason to play this deck is if the mental load of the sheer danger of sniping your own cards is more than your puny mind can take. It does help when you're playing a long tournament though.

Clan Vengeance won me several games on the day, and Zer0 does need to be taken down a peg. Find the Truth was a bit middling, but it made me run HQ a lot which was pretty good. Maxwell was great. I wanted a 3rd Stimhack but didn't know what to cut.

In the cut I faced two matchups I don't understand well enough, so I lost them both and crashed out. The runner match was against CTM and I made a silly run into a remote I didn't need to check, costing 10 credits. Don't make that mistake and you can do much better. I should have focused on making money, trashing key assets and otherwise building tempo.

Other losses were to Argus Round 1 against the eventual champion, I kept running when I should have been making money and building up. I also tied on 5 points against Personal Evolution, playing very safe after I hit an early Mushined Cerebral Overwriter. Lots of single accesses weren't quite enough in the time, but I don't think my line was wrong.

Matchups were Argus, Asa, Architects of Tomorrow, Personal Evolution Mushin, Skorp and CTM.