New Potatoes (3rd US Nationals)


Based heavily on this (pre-rotation) list:

I was expecting a lot of Clan Vengeance Anarch, and literally could not find anything I liked against them. While playing this list online, I was going a little better than even while learning, so I figured it was my best bet.

Distract the Masses does an acceptable Whampoa impression, and I wish I had room for a third.

I put in NGO fronts instead of IPOs, and they were fine - they basically take one click away from the runner because they will check it 100% of the time. IPO is probably better since it's not trashable, but I don't think that was ever relevant. I also was sitting on 20+ credits basically all day, so they could just become a functional card instead.

I cut the Ark Lockdowns because they generally just sat in my hand until getting Clan Vengeanced. With as much Levy as there was, they probably deserve at least a spot.

There's only 4 Influence here because Influence is for people who know the entire card pool. I think that's where this could be optimized by a better player - it might be right to go for Biotic Labor instead of Shipment, for example, to help sneak out a House of Knives before you can fully cover centrals.

Enforced Curfew was low-key huge on the day, as it often served as a free net that didn't help Clan Vengeance. It also cancels EStrike, but EStrike isn't really that problematic. Still, it's a nice side effect.

And for the spicy stuff: Voter Intimidation - The straightforward Film Critic/Turning Wheel hate. I just had 2x this for a long time, until people kept not taking any agendas at all while building up the wheel. Also, I hate losing Psi games, it drives me nuts and I want to put myself in that spot as rarely as possible.

Enforcing Loyalty - crazy expensive, but you have the money. This is almost always going to be a 16-20 credit operation, but it's worth it. In addition to shooting out Wheels, I also used this to take out the final Same Old Thing for two different Maxx players, preventing them from getting an additional Levy shuffle. It is super pricey, though,so I don't think you can afford to play more than 1. It also lets you answer a splashed Feedback Filter, which matters occasionally.

Georgia Emelyov - There are games where you fall behind on money, or you can't muster up a psi game win, and that's when you need Georgia. She is basically insurance for those games where you end up with a Kakugo or Miraju at the edge of your server because they just happened to show up late. Basically, you Rez Georgia as the Runner approaches the ice, wait for them to get through, and then relocate her to a safer territory before the Runner can trash her. Much like Enforcing Loyalty, you have the cash to support this because you're doing nothing but taking 3 credits all day.

Overall, I faced 1 419, 3 or 4 Val, 2 or 3 Maxx, and one Geist. I ended up losing to one Val on a game loss (though I believe I would have lost naturally on that turn anyhow), and losing to Geist on time. Much like my runner, I think I hit generally favorable matchups, with no one on Film Critic or any kind of damage prevention.

25 Jun 2018

3 Hedge Fund and 2 NGO Front yield enough ?

25 Jun 2018 Saan

As one off the MaxX players he played in the cut, I can say he has more than enough money. That's because this deck doesn't really try to do anything other than wait around for the runner to kill themselves. Almost all his turns are "take 3, pass." Does he have 6 cards? Maybe he does something and takes 2 instead. Maybe he takes 3 and discard. My point is that he's almost always above 20 credits just because he spends so many turns doing nothing but clocking for them. You don't want to draw in this deck because then you just draw those 5/3 agendas you can't really score and put them in your hand, which is vulnerable.

25 Jun 2018 Benjen

Georgia as and anti-Turning Wheel farm card is straight up brilliant. Congrats on the finish! I had a thought PU might be a decent choice against all the Anarch nonsense running around.

25 Jun 2018 Kelfecil

Congrats on the placement! Loved watching you play in the top cut! Super sad to watch that last game of yours go to time when you still had answers to go with. Unfortunately that's what a lot of people would do when facing a deck like this just to get the sure win through time :(

Can't wait to try out the deck myself tho and experiment with the brilliant choices you went for like Georgia, x4 recursion and the only x2 AM! Real Jinteki stuff right here! ^^

26 Jun 2018 pj20

Really awesome deck, I apologize for taking so long on some of the plays towards the end... while it may have LOOKED like I was just stalling, I am not a very fast player in general, and on that stage there was a lot of pressure and I had to make sure I was considering everything that could happen. When I rewatched the game I felt bad that I took so long, but in my head I was really just considering how to play against Shipment from Tennin while also trying NOT to die.

Amazing run though man, congrats.

27 Jun 2018 ChairmanHiro

PU is my favorite corp ID and won me a store champs, your list is definitely good and I'm glad you made it so far. Emelya as anti-wheel farm is outstanding, huge props for that. Enforcing loyalty is also one of my favorite underplayed cards. As far as wheel/film critic hate goes, have you tried Sadaka? I've seen some people run that to good effect, since you just slap it on RnD so it deals with digs and indexing while miraju sits on HQ. My REAL question, though, is how did PU's ability work vs zer0? Was anyone ballsy enough to use it without E-stike out? I imagine PU's ability was a huge deterrent to zero/CV farming.

28 Jun 2018 wedgeex

I long to play something similar to this with that influence thrown on 3x Attitude Adjustment. Delicious. Great deck and congrats on your placement!

29 Jun 2018 JDC_Wolfpack

Georgia is an amazing choice to tech against runners just charging TTW

2 Jul 2018 Sarmatian

I use Housekeeping and 24/7 News Cycle as my influence in PU. The former to make sure your opponent is still going through cards on their set up turns, and the latter to reload an HoK or a second Philotic burst.

20 Jul 2018 Vortilion

@pj20 Where can I watch the game? Would love to see it.

20 Jul 2018 Vortilion

@pj20 Where can I watch the game? Would love to see it.