Trash Compactor

AnalogSignal 27

Let's go horizontal, before building up a scoring remote with San San in the root.

Pulling in Marilyn and Nico Campaigns was pretty redundant, so I think dropping the Marilyn so as to protect the agendas buried by DBS is a good swap. Keeping the runner poor by running an extra reversed accounts would be a good idea too, and potentially threatening a kill with an Urtica

15 Mar 2023 Dzerards

I like the Seamless Launch. Might be an idea to put in a few Vladisibirsk City Grid to either score a 3/2 from hand with Seamless or pre advance it to threaten to score a 4/2 from hand the following turn.

15 Mar 2023 AnalogSignal

Good suggestion Ger. Vladdy and Seamless can also allow 4/2s out of hand, which is an additional line that I didn’t have.