Quandary gets multiple subroutines!

x3r0h0ur 8598

...by becoming a freaking bioroid!

Its the latest craze in glacier decks. Janky glacier decks.

Dig hard for the quandaries/levy universities. While drawing you should find big bioroids and BER/OAI. Use those to protect your centrals.

Install levy -> find quandary -> find quandary. Now your deck is almost devoid of small ice (1 quandary left unless you draw it). The next trick is to get your quandaries rezz'ed so you can mutate them. With 0 small ice left in the deck you will be 100% sure to get at worst viktor 2.0 which is also an optional secondary mutate target. The best way to get them rezzed is to find them early and make them the first ice on HQ and R&D.

If you draw BER and OAI early, you can use Levy to find a fatty to rez with them. Archived memories works to repeatedly play mutate. Interns works to install the trashed quandary from your archives on the outermost slot...for free!

Problems - getting quandary rezzed. Maybe you need to save OAI just for that, it trashes with mutate, and you can get it back with archived memories. Parasite recursion before you can mutate.

Funny stuff - Rezzing tons of big ice for 1 cred it(the mutate install counts for HB EtF trigger. I have no clue how it will score agendas besides runners being to scared to take some brain damage. Try it as Stronger Together for even more big bioroid pain in the assness (slip in some viktor 1.0s as mutate targets!).


15 Aug 2014 Jashay

Could you not also use Vitruvius to get the quandaries back out? If your deck only has one trick to it, it's probably best to make it as reliable as possible.

15 Aug 2014 x3r0h0ur

it has 2 tricks, interns which saves you the install cost (this deck functions in the 4-7 credit range almost all the time). As well as Archived memories. The trick is that overscoring a vitruvious is tough, when you have to advance 5 times and not get 3 points out of it. I love vitruvious and it might be good, but with the high count of huge ice, beta test is too tough to pass up, as long as my jackson is playable. Beta tests get the same install-adv-adv treatment, so that i can play jackson afterwards.

I would like some traps because so much of the ice is clickable. Maybe heinlein grid is enough to punish, still trying to figure it out.

15 Aug 2014 x3r0h0ur

My girlfriend and I were playing, and I made a glorious remote of Heimdall 1.0 oversighted, with heimdall 2.0 BER'ed over it. After scoring out my Project Wotan, she test runs in her morningstarasaurus. In fear my following turn I archived memories for mutate and mutate the heimdall2.0, peel off a Wotan from the top of the deck. Great lols were heard from me. Ended up winning that one. There's something here....

16 Aug 2014 Diegofsv

Had the same idea, but used The Foundry :)

17 Aug 2014 x3r0h0ur

The foundry would save you the slots for the levy's, kind of. Levy works with the 'cheat rez' operations, so you're covered no matter what you're drawing. Also no one plays levy, and I found a valid use, so I'm sticking to it.

Also the econ of the EtF ID is pretty crucial, so unless you replaced the levy's with 3 solid econ, I can't imagine the foundry would have enough econ, even if I do spend my game between 4 and 7 credits.

18 Aug 2014 Johnny Polite

This deck looks like a lot of fun. I've been wanting to try a janky Mutate deck, the idea of using Levy University is fantastic.

18 Aug 2014 Johnny Polite

Just built the deck to take to a meet up tomorrow, with one (potentially awful) change. My meta is full of parasite recursion, so I don't think a Quandary would last long after being rezzed. I'm trying Hunter instead, and hoping that they just get really confused and paranoid about tags.

24 Aug 2014 x3r0h0ur

Funny I was proxy one my quandaries with hunters before my recent changes. For the same reason you listed I swapped to bronze as my tutorable. See my latest published version. I took it to a 4 round swiss tourney today and gloriously lost all 4 games. I learned a lot.

Let me say hunter is a very very bad idea. You need the etr early, so bronze works great plus you can bluff some kind of next ice deck.

Fun, but not quite good yet.

24 Aug 2014 Johnny Polite

Bronze sounds like a good idea! You're right that Hunter didn't work well. The games I played still went okay, I made it to 6 points and lost twice. Everyone I was up against was using Noise, though, so I typically found that my Mutates ended up in archives and I was really relying heavily on BER and Oversight AI.