Edinburgh SC Mti (3rd Place)

E.J.Olmos 347

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

My corp for the Edinburgh Theophilious Bagpiper Store Championship 2019.

Played 5 rounds of swiss (including 1 ID that we played out) and then 2 of my 3 cut games.

Decklist is one I saw doing the rounds - not sure the original author sorry, will edit if I find out.

Main change I made to the list I saw was removing Mind Game as I realised someone might not break it on the day and force me to read it. Swordsman was a poor choice of replacement as I only faced one 419 and they were on Engolo.

Dropped one game in Swiss and two in the cut Swiss: Lost vs Reg Leela, Won vs Stabby Maxx, Won vs Khusyuk Jesminder, Won vs Stabby Maxx (after IDing as it was a mirror match we both won as corp), Won vs Stabby Maxx

Cut: Lost vs Engolo 419 and Lost vs Stabby Maxx (very close game where I had win in remote)

I played Stabby Maxx for runner and lost two games in swiss, one to Mti and one to NEH.

Border Control and Sand Storm really helped give me outs in many of the games I won and overall the deck feels fairly strong.

Thanks to Seamus for organising the event!