Don't break things (based on: Just touch 7 points)

Sjlver 7

This deck is my startup-ification of Just touch 7 points. It also happens to be the first deck that I've ever built ;-)

The main change (beyond replacing cards that aren't in startup) is the addition of Amelia Earhart. This feels like an additional win condition that synergizes beautifully with the existing multi-access.

Notes to self:

  • My main uncertainty is whether this has the right balance of money, card draw, and nice cards.
  • Add a Conduit?
  • Add a Cupellation? The original had one, but I feel I have too few MU and enough HQ multiaccess.
  • This depends quite strongly on some cards where I have a single copy (“Pretty” Mary da Silva, the icebreakers (although plus Mutual Favor). What happens if I don't draw these? I could add a Meeting of Minds to tutor Mary, Eru, or Amelia... but that costs 3; seems better to just add a second copy of Amelia.
8 May 2024 GreatA1exander

I think you should consider consolidating a lot of the one ofs, particularly in the event space. (IE, 3 diesel vs vr cation, creative, and diesel)

Conduit is def not a good call for mercury, especially when you want to walk through things.

Cuppelation would be a great addition. Remember that it's also disruption. The MU consideration is minimal, as you will rarely actually max it out.

2x Eru is likely too much influence, but a second pretty is an easy fix with dropping wildcat.

Similar thing with the resource spread to the event spread, 1x earthrise feels so out of place, especially with no career fairs in criminal.

Hope these pointers help!

9 May 2024 Sjlver

@GreatA1exander thanks! That definitely helps.

It may be a newbie question: what is the advantage of having lots of the same card, vs similar ones like Diesel and VRcation?

9 May 2024 Sjlver

A bit more background to that question. I have little experience with Netrunner, so this is purely theoretical... I can see some reasons why variability is good.

1. Preference: consider going to two tournaments. I think many people would prefer ranking 7th and 1st over ranking 4th and 4th. It's the same average rank, but being 1st is especially cool. More variability means a higher chance for these extreme events.

2. Mulligan: You have the option to mulligan. In a very consistent deck, each draw is close to average, so the mulligan option does not improve your hand much. In a more variable deck, mulligan often gives you the better of two draws, and this can be significantly better than the average draw.

To understand this better, maybe you could explain why you think Earthrise is out of place. Does the deck have enough card draw without it? Or does it need card draw, but there are better options than Earthrise? Or are you advising me to get card draw through many copies of one card?

10 May 2024 Sjlver

Maybe the reasoning is something like this:

  • Earthrise Hotel is only competitive if there are synergies like Career Fair.
  • However, there are few cards in this deck that would benefit from Career Fair
  • Therefore, Earthrise feels out of place

What does everyone think?

17 May 2024 Sjlver

Had a good discussion on GLC to clarify these questions. The gist:

  • Diesel is probably better than VRcation

Updated version here.