Streaker Steve (Oslo SC, 4th)

Kamalisk 435

Placed 2nd during Swiss, lost to a NEXT Design deck because I forgot I had paperclip!

Lost in the top 4 cut, ended on 6 agenda points after a 5 card R&D dig and remote snipe (only stole GFIs). If I had checked archives would have managed to win, but hindsight is 20/20 :P

Felt pretty in control otherwise, threat of inside job slows down rushing, and with the event econ can usually state out of punishment range, while you dig for turtle or sneakdoor HQ.

Depending on the match up, don't bother with GPI Net Tap, just focus on HQ pressure with sneakdoor and fisk, getting back mostly money events with Steve. Worst case you get back an easy mark.

One aspect of Steve I discovered is that the Corps choice of card can give away information. Such as they prefer not to give you inside job, or give you back Drive Bys.

Deck was designed to not care about scarcity of resources and rely on event economy. With Steve you can keep high on credits pretty easily and with no one home, can keep being aggressive against HHN. Recurring Peace in our time is pretty good, the corp seems to like giving you it back =)

I never installed Pheremones, I should have removed it, an dropped to 46 cards.

Turtle will do a lot of work if you need to break stuff, with Deuces Wild and Drive By, can recharge turtle, and then get GPI net tap for a few more (Deuces Wild is gain 2 credits, a turtle token and make a run, and can get back Deuces Wild with Steve).

26 Mar 2018 Hamsan

Didn't get to see this on the day, but always glad to see someone do well with non-Geist Criminal these days. List seems solid, congrats on the results!