Baby's First Argus | Throwback NANPC Boston

funkeyman232 63

Throwback is an excellent format where all decks play the current standard format with one playset of a rotated card included, as long as that card wasn't banned when it rotated. This allowed for a ton of fun, mysterious and exciting decks. I really hope we see this format at more side events!

I never had the chance to play Argus, and I really like the style of Supermodernism decks. I threw together this list but missed several obvious inclusions (false lead). I got one flatline on the day, with a clean End of the Line into Angelique. Mission accomplished.

My runner deck was a super fun Tag-Me Zhaya, with Obelus as my extremely fun rotated card. Ended the event 3-2 for 5th place.

The side event for East Coast Nats is going to be even more wild...