Geist, haunted by Mushin. [5-1 Swiss Euregio].

Vocke 182

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This is the exact deck I took to the nationals, with one minor difference. I just skipped Maxwell James , going from 46 cards to 45, which felt better.

First game against Nils aka @raven. He was playing Murder Pālanā with Bacterial Programming and Punitives. I managed to steal one Programming with Spy Camera, calculating if it is enough credits to survive the punitives. I was right, He could'nt killl me. My winning agenda was an SSL in HQ.

Second game: Felix aka @JackMade against CtM. I kept him low on credits had pretty fast, much control over the game. I lost it though.
He rezzed Rashida, I popped my PolOp (I think he was on 2 credits at this time), deliberatly took a tag and he rezzed another Rashida. Higher on credits now he trashed No One Home and wanted to trash Hunting Grounds, which I prevented with Fall Guy. Next turn I am okay finding the second Tech Trader, install it and run HQ last click. While running I realized I still got the tag and even saw a EoI on Hand. Face palm moment, which costed me the game. Felix trashed both Tech Traders and the good speedup which I had at the beginning was gone.

Third game against Alex aka @ff0x against Argus. It was a long game. I locked him with Corporate "Grant" and managed to drain 1 credit in each turn for a good amount of time. Clone Chip helped for the extra credit ;). After a while I had enough Aumakua tokens so he even needed to purge too. In HQ I saw the last SSL, win.

Fourth game againt Jan aka @bakunin75 against Gargarin. Sigh, mean deck. I won timed, as he forgot to forfeit that turn 3 scored False Lead, leaving an Armed Intimidation which I could steal having had 3 points in total at the end.

Fifth game against Krystian aka @krystman against Cybernetics Court, which I should see again in the final and which also gave me a sleepless night :).
I had a good guess with Falsified Credentials finding a Show Of Force in a remote. I found a Brain Rewiring on R&D. Krystian manged to score a Brain Rewiring himself and forgot that I had not run, wanting that kill with his two Neural Emps. I won by scoring another 4 points.

Sixth game against Elwin aka @Yakuza, asset style MTI. Now Elwin just had bad luck. He mulliganed into flood, I found the agendas fast. I think we played 10 minutes max..

Now the final. Maybe just watch it yourself :'( :'( :'(.