Gotta go Fast and Furious

Ino209 333

I went 3-1 (all flatline wins) with this deck at the Mimosa Store Champs, dropping only one game to the best player in Delaware, who is used to playing against it.

Jam something every turn if possible to bait runs. Argus, Prisec, and Data Raven are incredibly taxing on money and clicks, which forces the runner to slow down or die. Closed accounts is for the clever runner who thinks it's fine to float one tag. False Lead wins way more games than it should.

I'm not terribly impressed with Forced Connection in this deck. You tend to stack bad pub, which makes them not great. They should probably be swapped for NGO fronts and/or Standoffs and/or KP Lynns.

I've had a blast building and playing this deck, and look forward to more new Weyland toys in Kitara.