Geist Cloud - American Championships Top 16 (4-3)

Jose-san 181

This is the runner deck I used for the 2020 American Championships. I've been playing Geist for quite a few years already. I was the runner-up in the 2017 Spanish Nationals, before the first rotation (crazy decks then), playing Geist and I kept playing him since. I love all the new tools NISEI provided him with. Geist and Kaplan are my favorite runners. I will be very sad when they rotate :'(

I didn't have any time to test decks prior to the tournament so I decided to stick to decks I knew well and was comfortable with.

I did lose the first two games with it (both against The Outfit by double Punitive), but then it started working until the top lose. 4-3 through the weekend.

Some streams of the first day:

The only change I did to the deck prior to the tournament was swapping a turning wheel for a clot, which I regretted.

This is not the usual kind of Geist as you can see. And it's probably worse than the usual kind. But I don't care about that in the least. Cloud suite Geist has provided me with many of the most enjoyable moments I had playing Netrunner. It's very hard to play, it haves some very difficult mismatchs (particularly Titan and asset spam), but it's super fun to play. It really disrupts the corp ability to calculate scoring windows as you can bring tools out of nowhere and wreck a server with no previous money.

I had a great time and I was utterly surprised making the cut. I was low on SOS because I splitted the first two rounds, but I got a big bump on SOS in the last two rounds.

Many thanks to NISEI for organizing this events and keeping the game alive ^^

3 Aug 2020 vesper

Congrats for an awesome performance! What a deck :-)

3 Aug 2020 DarthIA

Congrats for the results. As a Geist fan myself I can only support you on using this ID.

Which cards would you change after the tournament? Clot into The Turning Wheel sounds good, but it leaves you with 1 influence... Any thoughts?

Also, what do you think about Falsified Credentials? Do you still prefer Bravado?

3 Aug 2020 Jose-san

Thanks! The previous iteration had Hunting Grounds with that extra influence, but its a flexible slot (not many of those in this deck, it's pretty tight because the cloud breakers take a lot of slots). I think that Miss Bones would help in some matches too. I haven't tried Falsified Credentials, but maybe I do. I think they can work just fine :)